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I can't resist..but I watched this the other night...I thought miss venezuela was BEAUTIFUL...still with a young seemingly innocence about her looks...I thought she would be most gracious in the role as miss U and would probably benefited the most out of it from all the others...I was a little disappointed not to see her come in at least the top 3......
actually they were all gorgeous...such shiny dark hair on them all..LOVED IT! ha!!!!! no blonds in the top. he he hehe

Canada was cool...but I thought had a little bit of an attitude..something going on there..she struck me as the most experienced (for lack of a better word) at the whole PR thing and posing herself than the rest of them..


I just love the evening gown competition and I LOVE the competition where they wear costumes representing their home..but of course they just never seen to give this part of the show the air time I think it sooooo deserves.


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