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So...Why Squid? You know high school...someone gives you a nickname and it sticks. Mine came w/choices: (A) Squid, (B) Ninja. Um, Alex, I'd like to buy a vowel...

I've been in communications of some kind for 15+ years and have found technology to be a real haven for learning, thinking and writing.

I'm constantly amazed by the power of technology to bring people together across boundaries-- economic, physical, cultural, ideological. You name it: we're joined at the hip now, figuratively speaking.

Now if we can just get it together so that this is a good "thing," rather than just some disjointed, isolated movement...this world will be a better place. Not could be...WILL be. I fully want to be a part of that.

What makes us the way we are? It's funny to think that I never would have loved technology and information like I do without getting "hooked up" with my Mac-consultant hubby, a devoted gear-head for life (British roadsters, German cars and almost anything else requiring a motor and heavy equipment) and an incredibly ingenious engineer by trade.