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Excellent summary. This might be the beginning of a conversation. It depicted one side of the coin. 41% of Latinas dropout of High School (mainly due to Teenage pregnancy). Now it's time to show the other side. 59% of successful college grads, business owners, leaders. As you call it "movers and shakers". This is in all fairness to our young Latinas who are crying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We must show them the positive side of the coin. That they can make it. With concrete examples of role models who have made it. Do it for my kids Soledad.


Thanks for your comment, Ana. The part about young Latinas needing hope really strikes a chord with me, too. I think there is a unique opportunity, having opened the door for this discussion, for CNN to make this Chapter One. I look forward to more of the story.

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